The Computational Affective and Social Cognition Lab (CASCogLab) is housed in the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

We are a interdisciplinary lab made up of cognitive scientists, psychologists, and computer scientists, and we study a range of topics ranging from:

  • understanding human reasoning about mental and emotional states (Affective Cognition and Social Cognition),
    • e.g., how affective cognition develops in childhood
  • building AI models for better emotion understanding (Affective Computing),
    • e.g., NLP models to reason about emotional appraisals from text
  • using complex analytical tools to analyze emotions and empathy in social networks,
  • and applying affective computing to domains such as human-robot interaction and education.


The CASCogLab will be moving to the University of Texas at Austin in August 2022!