The Computational Affective and Social Cognition Lab (CASCogLab) is housed in the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore.

We are a interdisciplinary lab made up of cognitive scientists, psychologists, computer scientists, and information system researchers. We study a range of topics, ranging from:

  • understanding human reasoning about mental and emotional states (Affective Cognition and Social Cognition),
    • e.g., how affective cognition develops in childhood
  • building AI models for better emotion understanding (Affective Computing),
    • e.g., NLP models to reason about emotional appraisals from text
  • using complex analytical tools to analyze emotions and empathy in social networks,
  • and applying affective computing to domains such as human-robot interaction, education (AI in Education) and business (e.g., affective computing for social media trend analytics).